UK Border walk + talk

The Border between England and Scotland over the Bridge on the River Tweed

I am just back from the UK Border walk + talk which I undertook with my friend and artist Rocca Gutteridge. We walked in splendid sunshine dressed in short and t-shirt from the small hamlet of Upsettlington on the Scottish side of the inner UK Border to Shid Law, an even smaller settlement in England to the Scottish Border town of Kirk Yetholm. In this town closely associated with the last king of the British gipsies we held an artachat. This discussion was conducted by Rocca and attended by a wide range of art practitioners from England, Scotland and Ireland. The embazzling situation for artists wanting to come from abroad to the UK was brought up through bureaucratic facts and nightmare anecdotes.

The last stint of our walk to the hill of Hungry Law was sadly interrupted by another front: the Scottish weather.

Start from Kirk Yetholm

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