Clash & Gouls

In an attempt to get the confusion around the paths between the Clashindarroch Forest and the Gouls sorted, Nick and I went out on this sunny frosty November Sunday (18 Nov 2012).

Leave the car at Drumfergue, head NW forest road, past gate, quarry, what for?, road works?, tired larches right and left, no needles, sleepy for the winter, needle carpet also disappearing, up, photo, dark, frosty, icy, up, feels like Christmas soon, cold, cross road, through mossy path up, big log, what we need, talk, another cross road, left, soon right, Ming, up, sunny, golden brown, yellow mix, along forest to right, up, up, further cross path, see trig point, go left along forest, moor to right, along, along, photo, sunny, frosty, sunny, frosty, path SW, over moor, views, to Cabrach, to sea, to windfarms, to Deveron, views, nice, down, fence, cross, aubergine moss, like a toy forest, down, forest, landrover track, faint, down, down, where are we?, time running out, here again?, GPS check, need to go to HDT meeting, see Gouls, need to come back, go up, frosty thistle, all glitzy, up, wheat ground, sink, mossy, out, up, fence, sandwich, drink, back, don’t forget to phone woman, down to forest, straight on, t junction, left, second right, down, E, down, dark, larches quarry, gate, car. Go to HDT meeting at Culdrain.

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