Totes Gebirge: a walk in the Austrian Dead Mountains

Totes Gebirge

03/09/12, Salzburg, Willi, SZG, Oma, no luggage, SZG, Munich, SZG, luggage, bus, Bad Ischl, bus, Bad Aussee, ice cream, bus, Alt Aussee, minibus, arrival Loser Hütte, Knödelsuppe, along road, sunny, past alm, red-white, down path, green, zigzag, zigzag, larches, flowers, lush, Elmgrube, not dead, steep valley, plateau, cows, Augstwiese, photo, see hut, Albert Appel, 4.5 hrs, who is he? double bed,room, nice, slippers, gemütlich, all wooden, old, good food.

Totes Gebirge

04/09/12, good sleep, nice Hüttenwart, breakfast bar, leave 9 am, last one, all gone, up, up, not dead, up, flowers en route, detour, peak, steps, steps, up down, view, photo, down, down, lake, v cold, hut, 6.5 hrs, Pühringer, balcony, lentil soup, man from Bottrop, bier, wine, schnaps, Oracle, go in, chat, lager.

at Albert Appel Haus

05/09/12, up, ham + egg, go, 9 am, last one, go, steps, walks, steps, up, flowers, lots, stonier, sink hole, flowers in stones, red-white, nowhere E4 signs, photo, up, stonier, stonier, very stony, sunny, almost dead, rocky, up, down, up down, rocky, Gemsen, loads of them, not dead, photo, up, sink hole, crossing, down, rain, down, plants, see hut, lush, lusher, wheat, red-white, very wheat, arrive hut, Priel Schutz Haus, 8 hrs, big, drying room, warm room, dinner, nice couple, Austria memory game, bed, tired, sleep.

Gemsen in the Dead Mountains

06/09/12, wake up, up, breakfast bar, rainy outside, what to do?, leave anyway, down, down, valley, Polsterlucke, Gasthaus, coffee, walk, walk, pond, tourists, Hinterstoder, along road, shop, bus, chatty bus driver, Vorderstoder, Gasthaus, Rohrnudel, Vanille sauce, mmmh, post cards, still raining, up, up, up, red-white, past pond, wood works, up, dark, up, hut, Zeller Hütte, warm, Kachelofen, Schweinebraten, beer, Sherpa, lager, sleep.

Zeller Huette

07/09/2012, wake up, breakfast, go, sunny, view, grand, buenavista, misty village, up, Tibetan flags, Christian cross, larches, view, view, photo, up, poles, crossing stony, steep, so sunny, scenery, incredible, stony, black, limestone, dead?, ridge, fit walkers, view other side, down, red-white, down, down, exhausted lady, down, lusher, flowers, thistle, once protected, still protected?, down, lake, Brunnsteiner, people, down, more people, when is the train? Rush, hot, very hot? But not dead, Ski lifts, men greet, beer,7 hrs, funicular, Wurzer Alm Bahn, down, fast, taxi, Spital, am Phyrn, what’s that?, train, station, station master, bye.

Silberdistel Silberdistel[/caption]

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