Hotel Bedroom Art

My Bedroom Art page comments on the kind of way that people decorate guest rooms around the world.

Ecce Homo Convent in Jerusalem: A great oasis in the bustling, contested city. You eat with the pilgrims here. The bedroom art is in keeping with the rest of the place.

My room in Ecce Homo Convent
My room in Ecce Homo Convent

Portercole, Tropea, Calabria: Lovely B+B, just a minute from the sea front. But no comment on the bedroom art. I think it speaks for itself.

B+B in Tropea
B+B in Tropea

Killin Hotel in Perthshire: great food – Nick had a giant lamb shank and I beautiful mussels. Great atmosphere in both the rustic bar and the conservatory with view of Loch Tay. Best of all is the reception area, authentic from bygone times including 50ies’ scripts, shutter lift and nice manager in old fashioned booth. All lovely, tasty and tasteful. But then you get to the annex for your bedroom and there it is: bedroom art. Generic photographs on canvas of flowers, scenery and clouds that could be from anywhere in the world. All this bingo matched with some vases that contain artificial flowers. Comfortable enough room despite the irritating decor. 19 May 2013

Killin Hotel reception
Killin Hotel reception


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