On the E4 again


From Zürs to Bregenz

Day 1: Zürs – Lech
Up at Wörgl, after night at Günther’s, nice, and his wife, Birgit, train, Innsbruck, another train, meet Andrew and Clare, Langen, am Arlberg, train station, bus, Zürs, hotels, empty, full in the winter, ski malarkey, photo, up, up, up, its hot, up, up, lake, wow, swim, cold, fresh, so nice, Clare too, so nice, up, up, up, so hot, up, Joch, cross, rest, over now, cows, over, over, rocky, view, Spüller see, hut full, down now, down, down, flowers, on the way, down, road, path, down, waterfall, down, rucksack, heavy, woods, fishpond, beer, Gasthaus Auerhahn, nice, old, creeky floors, shower, beer, food, prices!, because its Lech, Wirt says, weird, London bankers, Russians, he tells, in the winter, the ski malarkey, nice anyway.

on the way to Lech

Day 2: Lech to Göppinger Hütte
Breakfast, semmeln, müsli, cheese, all there, rucksack, golfcouse, in the making, not allowed, to cross, cross anyway, along, the Lech, the young Lech, along, over, then up, up, up, hot, so hot, up, rest, cross, up, up, up, windy path, up, up, see hut, relief, so hot, check in, Schorle, beer, snooze in lager, Geschnetzeltes dinner, UNO, Nick wins, lager full, nice Wirt, called Stefan.

evening in Goettinger Huette

Lager in the Goeppinger Huette
Lager in the Göppinger Huette

Day 3: Göppinger Hütte – Biberacher Hütte
Up, breakfast, out, rucksack, heavy, up, up, up, rocky, up, up, over, down, down, down, Alm, over, up, up, up, E-stretch, over Waterfall, up, up, up, up, cows, bells, up, up, over, see hut, relief, cows, beer, Marillenkuchen, lager, Schnitzel, UNO, Nick wins, lager full, packed.

in the Biberacher Huette

On the way to Biberacher Hütte
On the way to Biberacher Hütte

Day 4: Biberacher Hütte – Damüls
Up, breakfast, out, water trough, rucksack, sign, dangerous pass, plead, over, salamander, black, naked, flowers, plenty, all colours, blue red, yellow, over, over, down, down, chees makers, down, woods, down, down, red-and-white, over, down, Buchboden, church, hotel, Schorle, bunter Salat, hot, down, down, up, up, up, up, woods, up, steep, up, hot, but, the lake, fresh, lovely, love it, swim, ice cream, rucksack, down, down, bus, hot, Damüls, where is the hotel?, Alpensicht, check in, long, hotel, next door, Pfifferlinge, terrace, glass, of wine, nice, view over to church, it rings, its bells, nice.

Salamander on the Way to Damuels
Salamander on the Way to Damuels
Seewald See near Fontanella
Seewald See near Fontanella

Day 5: Damüls – Freschenhaus
Breakfast, rucksack, up, up, up, on road, up, old church, lovely, ancient fresco, up, up, up, over, up, Alm, Buttermilk, cake, up, up, up, Alm, milk, goat cheese, goats, up, up, up, over, over, up, red-and-white, up, up, up, cross, up, up, see hut, relief, cow bell concert, chapel, alpine garden, Edelweiss, Schorle, beer, spaghetti, bolognese, view, cow bells, recorded, sunset, unique, UNO, Nick wins, of course, own room, bliss.

on the way to Freschenhaus

near Freschen
near Freschen

Day 6: Freschenhaus – Weissenfluh Alpe
Up, fear, breakfast, rucksack, water, up, up, cross, peak, view, Binnelgrat, fear, bye, we go, down, down, rope, down, ok, over, over, all done, well done, over, Alm, milk, cake, Linzertorte, over, over, no map, over, up, up, up, so hot, up, up, Mörzelspitze, over, down, over, over, hot, over, hot, too hot, cross, down, down, down, Alm, trough, leave chocolate, for A+C, down, down, down, down, over, down, down, down, Alm, breed Aberdeen Angus, over, woods, shade, bliss, road, up, Alm, wonderful, Schorle, Rita, nice lady, picks up A+C, welcome, so nice, beer, Knödelsuppe, beer, mountain bikers, UNO, Nick wins, Plumpsklo, lager.

on Hoher Freschen
on Hoher Freschen
After the Binnelgrat, Hoher Freschen behind
After the Binnelgrat, Hoher Freschen behind



at Weissfluh Hütte
at Weissfluh Hütte

Day 7: Weissenfluh Alpe – Albertschwende
The lager, the cow bells, the plumpsklo, up, dawn, crack off, Nick staring, from a banner, saying: ‘Voller Mut und Gottvertrauen sollst Du fröhlich vrwärts schauen’, Zopf, can’t believe it, Rita, she baked it, last night, breakfast, yum, photo, thanks so much, Rita, tanks, life saver Rita, angelic, off, we go, up, down, up, down, up, down, past Bregenzer, patst Lustenauer, Hütte, past a big house, former textile patriarchs, up, down, down, down now, Meierei, open, 7.4-8.15, hotel, Bödele, Schorle, Johannisbeer, up, down, down, down, Alberschwende, Bus, Hotel Engel, loud, very loud, beer opposite, dinner, Tafelspitz, never understood it.




Day 8: Albertschwende – Bregenz/Zürich
Just me and Nick today, off to Alberschwende, Maria Himmelfahrt today, today she went to heaven, meet priest, gives us Mary token, we are blessed, for our last day, bells swing, in Alberschwende, people dressed, in Dirndl and Lederhosen, up, up, up, down, down, up, down, down, down, down, Dreiländerblick, down, down, down, down, down, down, the Ache, over, the city, 3k to the Bahnhof, 3k along, through the city, the lake, Bodensee, beer, Clare and Andrew, last Schnitzel, it rains now, Bahnhof, train to Zürich, plane to Aberdeen, via Copenhagen, Michael there, kiss kiss, sunny Huntly.


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