25 Years

12 March 2016 Group photo2

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

Rachel, Deborah, Michael and their partners Angus, Ben and Heather for all the help they could give and the many surprises on the day.

Oma/Traudi for the tireless making of the bunting and the production of the 136 egged cake

Cat for the months of coaching and counselling

Debbi and Daisy for the foraging, growing and cooking of the sharing dishes

Simon, Jason, Harris, Clyde and Oskar for washing up and waiter-ing with smiles.

Susi, Klaus-Dieter, Ernst-Christian, Uschi, Christof, Andrea, Stefan, Silke and Weert for bread from home (most missed item of any German in exile)

Pauline for the massive cheese; belegen and oude kaas…

Deborah for the Cullen Skink on Friday night

Michael and Rachel for the welcome drinks: Whisky and ginger ale

Cat and Steve for the dancing lessons

Anthony for being the chief run-around

Dorle and Ernst Christian for the Bavarian music and the beautiful brides headdress

Uschi and Christof for the traditions

Eva, Anthony, Yunior, Elisabetta, Fraser, Christine and Matthew for the photography

Rick and Claire, Raye, Eileen, Steve and Sue, Rachael and Stuart, Nuno and Sofia, Richard and Lynn, Cat and Fraser for hosting our guests

Steve for the piping

Louise for the stone table decorations and the bunting and the egg boxes

Kate for keeping everybody in order

Paul for the exquisitely scenic fiddle march over the hills of Huntly

Rachel, Deborah and Cat for the hen night weekend in Dunkeld

Fraser, Rachel, Angus, Cat for the cleaning at night

Joss and Roelf for the barmanship

Omar Afif for the Gnawa music

Jake for the guitar in the interval

Fi for coaching with Morning has Broken

Alistair and all at Clachanyell band for the speedy music

Alison for cleaning on Sunday, thanks, thanks

Raye for the great red socks

Rachael for the photo booth

Susi and Klaus Dieter for the knitted scarf

Anna and James for the willow and the garlic (planted today)

Fraser for the stag beer

Alice for the pineapple slicer

Traude for the double gloves

Elisabetta for the pretty invitation to the Italian Alps

Andrea und Stefan for the Marzipanbrot

Uschi for the seeds

Anonymous for the sweet peas

Anonymous for the banana loaf

Do let us know if there is more to watch out for – we are still sorting out the boxes….

Jenny and John, Mick and Laureen, Iain, Gill and Chris, Andrea and Stefan, Juliane, David and Ella, Mark and Lisa, Paul and Mary Claire, Roben and Craig, Andrew and Clare, Margaret and Stuart, Miep and Roelf, Jacqui and Roddy, Lindy, Darren and Petra, Alan, Maureen, Hilary and Frank, Christine and Kevin, Phil, Neil Angus, Andrew Shearer, Sibylle and Richard, Fiona and David, Liz and Ryan and all of you above for coming and also for the many, many cards and wishes we got.

Keith and Pam, Joanneke and Donald, Marian and Michiel, Stefan and Enza for being with us in spirit.

Thanks for being in our lives over the last 25 years.

Name badges
Mr and Mrs crop
Mr and Mrs game

Germans watching2


sharing meal 2
Rhynie Woman food
Rachel and Deborah
Rachel and Deborah
C + Michael
Claudia and Michael
hall EC and Dorle
Dorle und Christian sing

C+N lach

All Family best
May family

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