Is there such a thing as place grasping through path following? A walk from Huntly to Lumsden

On the way to Coynachie

Following the good news of some impending resources to build up a life dream, I took myself on a walk from Huntly to Lumsden last week. I started home past Allan MacPherson’s ‘Minor Path’ along the Bogie, to ASDA, got chocolate, up the Clashmach, sun, Why is the cairn so small?, landrover trek bigger than in the past, fence, electric fence, all new, along the electric fence, cant cross, further along the electric fence, along, along, can I cross?, then a gate on the far top, near the little wood, I cross, cows, am I scared?, are they scared?, I hush, they run, path, photo, wood, path, gate, sun, barley field, farm, redundant petrol station, Burncruinach, Claire not in, leave note on car, sit in the sun, on the bench, cross road, signed path, signs confuse, up, along, new plantation, along, see Coynnachie, burn, bridgelet, path, garden, ring, open, friends, Fiona, David, children, chat, tea, chat, dinner, Nick comes, Spaghetti, wine, chat, more chat, Nick good-bye, go to bed, tea, stars, sleep, sleep, cold, sleep, dawn, wake up, tea, get up, shower, porridge, steamed apricots, chat, ideas, talk, more ideas, need to go, bye-bye, photo, back to road, go east, gate, path, woman with dog, sign, confusing, gone to far?, go back, confused, compass shows south, go through thick wood, wrong, but right, crawl under pines, up a burn, burn guides, see light, get out, needles everywhere, needles in my back, in my pants, in my socks, shoes, check map, all good, walk on trek, walk on, on, trek turns round, miles on, get to gate, says cattle in field, scared, cattle run, I hush, find sheep path, change path, gate, burn, sheep, sheep run, path, hit road, road, walk road, get to Mytice, knock door, Anita, tea, chat, stroop wafel, chat, catch up, chat, nice, bye-bye, no photo, garden, road, ford, balance, wheat, cross, path, no map, walk on, grassy path, think, fork, right, path, path, think, see Tap o’ Noth, ancient, path, path, gate, left, go on, gate, go on, mind circles, car park, roses, pink, pick, car park, sign, road, walk on, think, mind rumbles, walk on, walk on, car, house, houses, Rhynie, knock door, Daisy in, nice, chat, tea, pita and humus, chat, date cake, yum, garden, look up Tap, toilet, lock, photo, bye-bye, cross square, little road, walk, walk, no talk, only talk, do I talk to myself?, walk on, see Tap, photo, map, farms, stone circle right, walk, stone circle left, walk on, right, left, walk on, farm, fields, clouds, blue, then grey, on, on, farmer on tractor, ask, cross road, castle, grounds, dog barks, go right,  leave, glad, left, left, woody path, along, old kennels, no dogs, glad, on, on, big trek, drizzle, then rain, stop, anorak, walk on, more rain, stop, over trousers, on, walk, far, on, left, Clova, on, walk, Hazel’s house, not in, pass house, more houses, Lumsden, left through houses, main road, bus stop, go to Sculpture workshop, Nuno, poet called Gabriel, talk, Africa, chat, car, lift home. – Huntly.

View to Tap O’Noth

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