Cabrach to Burncruinach

View towards Cabrach

Cabrach (Scottish Gaelic: A’ Chabrach) means “antler place” in Scottish Gaelic.

Kate came round after breakfast today to pick me and Claire and Millie up for a drive via Rhynie to the Cabrach in glorious sunshine. The coffee was ready at the Cabrach Enterprise where Sharon was waiting for us.
After a quick look around and some speed collaboration ideas we set off the road past Milltown with its funny boxy turrets, right over river to Newtown, then Oldtown (is this Edinburgh?), post van, tarmac, Hillock – spotted path uphill towards Clash, river, Deborah, hot, faint rainbow, post van, nice life, on, tarmac, Rhuaridh, sun, clouds, Tomnaven, tarmack ends, lots of farm stuff, cows, light bulbs, mud, gate, Millie jump, more mud, took high path, on, on, Rachel, low path better, photo, got to burn, u-turn down, path, fat clouds, river cross, twigs, need cutting, path, Christmas, on, on, cottage, bunker structure, see Baldorney, on, on, bridge, houses, uphill, Gouls, farmer (not), Breathtaking site, Landover in front of it, all memory, farm house boarded up, up, highland coos, up, faint rainbow, buzzard, sheep run, silly, up, gate, rusty, fenced, Millie push over, need to talk to Access Officer, grass, picnic, wind turbine view, white, then grey, sandwich, cold, candied papaya, continental market, faint rainbow, William, up, ski center, fir, trees, secateurs, cut, fir, thick, left, right, Michael, clearing, path?, up, pine, thick, confused, heather, lots off, map unclear, no path, need to come back, fence, move along fence, see trig point, 522, gps, at 6 of 526, move N, down, see Tap, photo, path, path, down, t-junction, path, carpet of pine needle, rolled out, for whom?, path, fir trees, thick, beech tree avenue, nice, golden leaves, down, see Corrilair, pony memories, £22 half an hour, stones on Bogairdy, down, Drumfergue, down, t-junction, grassy, speckled sky, new trees, long shadows, so sunny, more wind turbines, more, more of them, Nick, Rick, down, Coynachie, interpretation board, burn, bridge, path, grass, fence, new trees, LizS, grass, Mr + Mrs Much, their daughter, nice garden, deer in bush, Priest’s water, see Burncruinach: 4.5 hours later. Tea, twins come home, eat toast, play games, pumpkin. Drive to Huntly. Cook pumpkin.

Larch needle carpet
Sky over Clashindarroch

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