Last Munro

Our last of the 282 (actually we did 283, but one was demoted) Munros: Ben Vane near Loch Lomond.

Ben Vane peak final munro

The Munro bagging adventure took us nearly 20 years, the first one being Lochnagar in the Cairngorms. It took us to the most far flung places of our beloved country, from nearby Ben Macdui to Knoydart. Many people ask which one we like best, but that is a non starter. I have great memories of the Cuillins and of Loch Mullardoch, where one needs to get a boat to the start. Braeriach was the most harrowing one, I need to do it again, to forgive it (or it me). Thanks to the Huntly Hillwalking Club for introducing us to the best hobby ever. Thanks to all the 30 folks – family, artists, Hunty-ites – who came up with us. Thanks to HHWC for the wonderful engraved hip flask, we will treasure it to the rest of our lives. Thanks also to all the other people who joined us on one or other of the many munros in the many different areas of Scotland.

Below you find some notes of the second half of the lot (if you are interested).

Receiving our hip flask
Receiving our hip flask

Ben Vane Start

On approach to the top of Ben Vane
On approach to the top of Ben Vane


Mountain Region top m date time status group-type with whom description and comments
129 Meall a’ Chrasgaigh Fisherfield 20/08/2006 8.5 hrs L leader NM CZ DM, Fanny Walked with 2 youngsters; misty all day, difficult navigating, needed the GPS at times to find the Lochan;car had puncture; midges at car Misty three 1
130 Sgurr nan Clach Geala 20/08/2006 Misty three 2
131 Sgurr nan Each 26/08/2006 Misty three 3
132 Geal Charn Drumochter Hills 26/08/2006 7 hrs E ML friend CZ, Patrick Semple Walked with Patrick Semple, a ML; very goodweather, left bikes higher up to get back to the cottages; clear view all day See Romania from the top
133 A’Mharconaich 26/08/2006 See Romania from the top
134 Bein Udlamain 26/08/2006 See Romania from the top
135 Sgearnach Mhor 26/08/2006 See Romania from the top
136 A’Cheilleach Laggan 04/09/2006 9.5 hrs L joint level NM CZ most of the day fine, windy and light rain on top, boggy near the river at the end of the day
137 Carn Sgurain 04/09/2006
138 Carn Dearg 04/09/2006
139 Geal Charn Laggan Laggan 23/09/2006 6 hrs L leader NM CZ DM Nuno, Eeke With Nick and 2 inexperienced friends; windy, but better then the forecast, beautiful lake with beaches; very long and very wild, almost could not take the photo on the top; rocky top; Why does one bother hill
140 Stob Dhiam Cruachan 143 998 14/10/2006 9 hrs L leader NM CZ RMD With three youngsters; poor weather most of the day, got slightly lost on the top of Ben Cruachan; quite a bit of a scramble, relatively many people walking, very tired in the end
141 Ben Cruachan 31 1126 14/10/2006
142 Beinn a’Chochoill Cruachan 172 980 16/10/2006 7.15 hrs L leader NM CZ RMD With 3 youngsters; good at first, misty on top; had nice picknick at the bothy
143 Beinn Eunaich 156 989 16/10/2006
144 An Socach Cairnwell 14/02/2007 5 hrs L joint level NM CZ 3up, 2 down, icy ground, we did a loop round walk;but good visibility all day
145 Beinn Sgritheall Kintail 02/04/2007 6.5 hrs L leader NM CZ RMD very sunny day, we missed the start entry,and tehn got a bit lost, but children were right, ofull sunshine even on the top, wonderfull day and even better views over to Skye and Knoydart
146 Gairich Loch Quoich 27/04/2007 7 hrs L joint level NM CZ very sunny day, a bit muddy in the beginning
147 Tom Bhuide Glenshee 20/05/2007 7.45 hrs L joint level NM CZ mixed day for hills, sunny,rain,foggy, sleet did all 4 mountains, but only those two count
148 Tolmount 20/05/2007
149 Sgurr a Mhaoraich Loch Quoich 03/06/2007 5.45 hrs L leader NM CZ RMD With three youngsters; the wettest possible day, wanted originally do the Saddle, waited in car for ages, but went in the end, great path all the way up but we decided to go the same way back; stayed in Kintail Lodge for the night; everything was totally weat, l but we had a great evening mountain beats windscreen wiper hill
150 Sgurr Breac Fannaichs 17/06/2007 8.45 hrs L leader NM CZ MM With one youngster; No views at all, needed GPS at times; Michael talked al the time, was lovely being with him on our own for a day;
151 A’Chailleach 17/06/2007 Meal at Altguish Inn; but it kept try (not in Huntly!!)
152 Carn Eighe Glen Affric 01/09/1007 11 hrs E joint level CZ HHWC This was one of the weatest hill walking days that Ii ever did. It started off quite sunny and we were taking it leasurely, difficult crossing the river; then the mist set in and the day become very long and weat; luckily we had a bothy bag with us; deicded to skip the last hill and just made it before darkness set in at 8pm; nice meal wiith mutton at the restaurant at Cannich.
153 Marn Sodhal
154 Carn Ghluasaid Kintail 19/08/2007 8.5 hrs L joint level NM CZ Nice and dry day all day, much better then in Huntly, passed by Runrigh concert in Drumnadochit, which looked a bit like a battlefield; did not find the right pass over the river at the end
155 Sgurr nan Conbhairean 19/08/2007
156 Sail Chaorainn 19/08/2007
157 Beinn Mheadhoin Caiirngorms 09/09/2007 10 hrs L joint level NM CZ windy, but better then the forecast, beautiful lake with beaches; very long and very wild, almost could not take the photo on the top; rocky top;
158 Am Faochagach Torridon 11/05/2008 8.5 hrs L leader NM CZ Lean Coetzer With unexperienced friend; Misty most of the day, but dry; had to jump over a river at the beginning and we took the shoes off; got for a moment diverted on the way back, but then found the path again; there was still a lot of snow on the top
159 Beinn a’Chroin Crainlarrich 293 940 17/05/2008 9 hrs L joint level NM CZ We parked badly according to McNeish advice; so had quite a long route; got a bit wrong after the first hill and then the two munros in the mist;
160 An Caisteal 147 995 17/05/2008 L joint level NM CZ Nick put salt in the tea, so we were very thirsty; good fun in the hostel with walking club. We ate at Drovers Inn
161 An Socach Loch Mullardoch 67 1069 01/06/2008 10.5 hrs E joint level CZ and walking club Wonderful sunny day; I was the slowest, but only by one hour in total
162 An Riabachan 29 1129 01/06/2008 We took the boat to other end of Loch Mullardoch starting at 6.30 in the morning, Huntly start at 4pm. 01456 415347 (Karl – boat hire)
163 Sgurr na Lapaich 24 1150 01/06/2008
164 Carn nan Gobhar 152 992 01/06/2008
165 Sgurr Mhor Fannaichs 43 1110 17/08/2008 8.5 hrs L leader NM CZ Gemma Thomson With 2 youngsters; started at Loch Droma, very windey at 30mph, Nick had just knee operation; GB won 8 Gold today; little visibility, but in the end a not too bad day, would be lovely in good weather
166 Beinn Liath Mhor 209 954 17/08/2008
167 Carn Bhac Cairngorms 221 946 23/08/2008 8.5 hrs L joint level NM CZ Biked in from Inverey to Altanour Lodge; clear weather but windy; did the first hill with HHWC, but they asre too fast and then Nick and I did the second hill on our own. Biked back, which saved almost 2 hours. On the way back we stopped at the Lonach games, where everybody was really drunk.
168 Beinn Lutharn Mhor 88 1045 23/08/2008 joint level HHWC first one
169 Sto a’Choire Mheadoin Laggan? 46 1105 31/08/2008 L joint level NM CZ This would have been a wonderful day if the weather had been nicer, but as it was, it was misty and weath all day, luckily not too cold; needed to double check with the gps a few times; took the lower route doesn, which kind of had fizzled out and was not as said ion the guide book. would be lovely in good weather.
170 Stob Core Easain 39 1115 31/08/2008
171 Seana Breagh Torridon 262 927 07/09/2008 6 hrs L joint level NM CZ Long drive from Huntley (3.5hrs); cycled up to the river and then walked up; fanntastic views and visibility al day; 4hrs up and 2hrs down.
172 Beinn Dheargh Glen Tilt 124 1008 21/09/2008 7 hrs L joint level NM CZ Fantastic day; cycled in from Old Blair to the bothy, quite steep, so we [pushed a bit; total 3 hrs on bike (2hrs there and 1 back); beautifuyyl sunny day
173 Meall Ghaordie Glen Lyon 93 1039 04/10/2008 5.5 hrs L joint level NM CZ Quite heavy showers, little visibility; very cold on the top, but luckily the view opened up on the way down and we had an idea of where we are in the end; drove up to Glasgow afterwards to Eva’s birthhday party.
174 Meall Corraniach Lawers Group 68 1069 05/10/2008 5.5hrs L joint level NM CZ Most beautiful weather, nice and chilly, with little snowman on the top; you wished the tours were all like this. The path is very weat and boggy though. Pizza in Aviemore on the way back.
175 Meall a’Choire Leith 261 926 05/10/2008
176 Sgurr a’Mhadaidh Cuillins/Skye 277 918 14/10/2008 7.5 hrs L leader NCRDM and RuaridhNewman With four youngsters (14,14,16,18); we had a fairly easy climb up, with a bit of scrambling leading to An Dorus. Then a one-step-difficult patch leading up to SaMhadaidh; but nice scramble to the peak; a bit cold and windy there; back to An Dorus, Michael is brilliant at guiding people through the footholds. We lost a bit our path to the 2nd peak, but found it and luckily on both tops we had a bit of a view, as the clouds lifted. The way back was nice and the boys arrived over half an hour earlier then me. K60
177 Sgurr a’Greadaidh 185 973 14/10/2008
178 Sgurr Alasdair Cuillins/Skye 154 992 15/10/2008 6 hrs L joint level NM CZ Very mixed weather; sometime sunny, sometimes rainy and even a bit of hailstone; the stone chute to the top was horrible to go up, but very fast going down. Scary on the top, where there is cast iron squirrel, but a very narrow bit going about 1000 ft down; wonderful view from the top for a short moment.
179 Beinn a’Chlamain Glen Tilt 26/10/2008 8.5 hrs L joint level NM CZ stayed overnight in Blair Atholl, started early (clock change) at about 8.45am; cycled to Forrest Lodge and the map had gone! Luckily there were som people in the lodge and we borrowed a map; we walked up, which was straight forward, but hit a stong snowstorm, took the route down towards marble lodge and walked back to F lodge on the main path along the river. Had scones in House of Bruar and were quite tired. Total 3hrs bike ride, lost about 30 min because of map situation. the top was very cold and impossible to navigate, if there had not been a distinct path.
180 Monahr Mor Cairngorms 40 1113 12/04/2009 10 hrs L leader NM CZ D+M Stayed in Braemar in Miep’s cottage, went with the children; cycled to white Bridge and maybe anther 1.5 mls. Good visibility all day. Snow on top; quite cold. We met only 2 people despite it being Easter Sunday.
181 Beinn Brothain 19 1157 12/04/2009
182 Carn a’ Mhaim Cairngorms 95 1037 14/04/2009 6 hrs L leader NM CZ Great Day, cycled in to Derry Lodge and about a mile beyond; snow on top, therefore quite cold high up; but cloud free despite the weather forecast.
183 Beinn Bhreac Cairngorms 249 931 19/04/2009 8 hrs L leader NM CZ Cycled to Derry Lodge and then another mile or so. Fantastic day; ended up in shorts and a slight sun burn; we were already at 12 o’clock up, so decided to do Beinn a’Chaorainn as well.
184 Beinn a’Chaorainn 58 1083 19/04/2009
185 Carn an Fidhleir Cairngorms 148 994 02/05/2009 10.5 hrs L leader NM CZ RM Mostly nice weather, with the best rainbows I have seen in my entire life. The cycle in took almost 2 hrs to the river just before Geldie Lodge and then the walk up to Carn an Fidhleir was long. But the second part whas quite fast, and we got down quickly. Cycle back ca 1 hour. Long day.
186 An Sgarsoch 126 1006 02/05/2009
187 Buchaille Etive Beag Glencoe 263 925 09/05/2009 5 hrs L leader NM CZ Absolutely autrocious weather; for the first time I had to change my socks on the top of a munro. We spent just a few seconds, enough to take a photo on the first one, so cold it was. The snow was fairly deep up to my knees in some instances; then it snowed, and even hailed, I think. It cleared up a bit in the end. The way up to Buchaielle EB was very slippery; the poles kept collapsing which did not help. but Stobh Dubh was a bit easier. All the path up from the valley was extremely wheat. But it was great in the pub in the end. HHWC did another set of munros that day.
188 Stobh Dubh 201 958 09/05/2009
189 Beinn a’Chlachair Laggan 56 1087 24/05/2009 8.5 hrs L leader NM CZ A long day with mixed weather; cycled in which took about one hour there and half an hour back. The first hill took over 4 hours in total, a long treck. But the best was the view at the Bealach. Nick and I split up for the Geal Charn, and it got very misty; lots of false horizons. Cold and unpleasant on all the tops, but nice further down. All kinds of clouds formations. 20 min cycle back. Was very tired.
190 Geal Charn 81 1049
191 Creag Pitridh 264 924
192 Carn nan Gabhar Blair Athol 1121 L leader NM CZ good day with mixed weather, a bit of thunderstorm and some sunny spells, very long at the end.
193 Braigh Core Chruinn-bhaigain 1070
194 Carn Liath 975
195 Sgurr Mor Glen Derry 1003 13/06/2009 8.5 hrs L joint CZ HHWC fantastic sunny day with other 5 men and one woman; long drive with Calum from HHWC
196 Slioch Torridon? 981 09/08/2009 8.5 hrs L leader NM CZ lovely day, spectacular scenery, wanted to jump into the lochan on the top which seemed to be warmer then normal; tired with midges at the end, went to pub in Kinlochewe for a beer and mussles
197 Meall Glas Mculoun 270 291 16/08/2009 9 hrs L NM CZ Did only one, as we got very tired on the visit.
198 Meall na Teanga 275 918 16/09/2009 V nice weather. Took day off with others.
199 Sron a’ Choire Ghairb 239 937 16/09/2009 Second attempt. Stopped in St.Augustus for drinks/
200 Ben Vorlich 165 985 20/09/2009 6.5 hrs L leader NM CZ This was my 50th birthday present from the children; we had a very lovely day with mixed but dry weather; quite busy hill in comparison with the Northern hills, but beautiful scenery on Loch Earn
201 Stuc a’ Chroin 182 975 NM CZ
202 Maull Glas Mamlorn Hills 199 959 07/02/2010 6.45 hrs L leader NM CZ Fine day, bit dark; lots of snow, we put on snow shoes in the end, which was fun going down, but difficult navigating when going up; stayed in Killin Hitel, as we picked up Michael and Ruaridh in Aviemore on their way back from Austria
203 Beinn Fada Glan Affric 100 1032 02/05/2010 11.5 hrs L NM CZ Anna Lond day with Anna.
204 Ban Alder Laggan 25 1148 23/05/2010 12.5 hrs L leader NM CZ Took the bikes from Dalwhinnie for 30mins; very long day, but best weather and amazing lakes at the start. Would be worth camping there some time. Ca 8 hours walking.
205 Beinn Bheoil 112 1019
206 Carn Mor Dearg Glen Nevis 9 1220 12/06/2010 7 hrs L leader NM CZ dry day but overcast, drove up and dropped Michael in glenmore, stayed in B&B the night, had pub meal with loads…
207 Sgurr Fhuar-thuill Strathfarrar 82 1049 19/06/2010 8 hrs L leader NM CZ Lovely day, needed to get permission, for which people were queuing up at 9am, then took bike to the end and cycled back. Nive pub meal at the end in Struy. 9 am car hill 1
208 Sgurr a’Choire Ghlais Strathfarrar 60 1083 9 am car hill 2
209 Carn nan Gobhar Strathfarrar 153 992 9 am car hill 3
210 Sgurr na Ruaidhe Strathfarrar 151 993 9 am car hill 4
211 Sgurr Choinich Torridon 139 999 26/06/2010 8.5 hrs L leader NM CZ Lovely dry day, few midges, cycled in with an English man, left car at Craig. Nick very slow in getting down. Englishman on bike hill
212 Sgurr a’Chaorachain Torridon 78 1053
213 Maoile Lunndaidh Torridon 125 1007 24/07/2010 9 hrs L leader NM CZ Cycled in but very steep, good sunny day.
214 Stob Ban Grey Corries 178 977 01/08/2010 Very long and hard cycle in, but we could have gone further by car. Mixed weather but got very wheat And also had a beautiful rainbow. The bothy was filthy; a few Irishmen gathered there, trying to tidy it up. Distgusting bothy hill
215 Beinn a’ Beithir Glencoe 107 1024 07/08/2010 8 hrs L leader NM CZ Great sunny day Met up with Margaret and Stewart in a Hotel in Ballaguish.
216 Sgurr Dhonuill 137 1001
217 Sgurr nan Choireachan Glen Dessary 213 953 15/08/2010 13.5 hrs L leader NM CZ, Keno, Cat A fantastic sunny day with Keno and Cat, we stayed over night in the hostel. We saw lots of deer, but had no idea why it took us all so long. A first munro for Keno and Cat, and both did great.
218 Grabh Cloch Mhor 116 1013
219 Sgurr na Ciche 94 1040
220 Sgurr nan Gillean Skye Cuillins 191 964 21/09/2010 8 hrs guided NM CZ and guide Very bad weather, but good guide. We took a few days off to do these Cuillins after the third attempt. I had quite a fear going down with the rope, but was ok in the end. The days before we spent over my B-day weekend at Hi-Ca with lots of aret, then stayed at the Glenfinnan Hotel and visited Raasay. Hired guide Paddy for this from Blaven Guides. An English man called Colin joined us. Ropemedown Paddy Peak
221 Am Basteir 242 934 Be god very near peak
222 Bruch na Frithe 200 958 Badweather on Skye hill
223 Stob Choire Claurigh Grey Corries 15 177 26/09/2010 8.5 hrs L leader NM, CZ Fine day all day long, but somehow lost Nick in the very end. He went a different route and although he was in front of me, he arrived later. Nickcamebacklate Hill 1
224 Stob Coire an Laoigh 38 1116 Nickcamebacklate Hill 2
225 Meall a’Bhuide Glen Lyon 197 960 07/11/2010 3.5 hrs L leader NM, CZ, Anna, Norma, Stef, Maider, Sibylle, Dane A fantastic day and first idea of a walkachat; we stayed in the hostel in Fernan, but unfortunately the Southerners went to the wrong car park and so we never walked together. Good team building exercise. Right-car-park-hill
226 Stuc’ an Lochain Glen Lyon 248 932 23/01/2011 4 hrs L leader NM, CZ After an attempt 2 weeks before (when we had fantastic weather) with the walkachat club; Nick and I now tried again but started very early, hence finished at 1.30 pm and went afterwards to the little tea room in Glen Lyon. The weather was very misty and there were a lot of icy patches, hence good that we had the crampons with us. On the top we went at first the wrong way back, but luckily realised that fast and retreated our steps. The night before we stayed in Kenmore Hotel, which was very nice, the dinner excellent with venison. Wrongwayback-in-the-snow-hill
227 Beinn Chabhair Crianlarrich 244 913 06/03/2011 8.25 L leader Walkachat w 8 people Stayed in Crianlarrich Hostel which was fun. Going up the hill was very steep for quite a while, misty most of the day. Drovers Inn pub afterwards .Drove with Liz Standen; Juliet Dean and daughter came by car in the morning and Anna too. LizStandenspitze
228 Beinn Ime Arrochar 118 1011 19/03/2011 8.25 hrs L leader NM, CZ, Rachel, Deborah To celebrate our China wedding day we went with Rachel and Deborah to Arrochar. Picked up Rachel in the village, after she walked from the train station a few miles. The hills were very snowy and we almost gave up for the second one; snow shoes would have been good here; we stayed in the very nice Arrochar village Inn. Next day we took Rachel to Helensburgh and looked briefly at the – closed – Hill House by Charles Rennie McIntosh. Nick loved the quiz night in the hotel. Chinaweddingdayhill
229 Beinn Narnein 259 926 almostgaveupinsnowmountain
230 Gulvain Glen Finnan 161 987 26/03/2011 7.5 hrs G group NM, CZ, HHWC good day with mixed visibility, took bikes in. Stayed the night before at the hotel next to Neptune’s Bridge in Corpach. The Hill with the Football secretary
231 Beinnan Aighenan Glen Etive 145 997 10/04/2011 10 hours L Walkachat w 12 people wonderful sunny day; some people left after the bealach, but most of us went to the first hill, where we were sun bathing and Anthony Schrag presented the path description in poetry format. Only Huntly people did the second hill. The night before we stayed in the Corran hostel, which was very nice; took the boat over to Ardnamurchan. Mountain of the Path poet
232 Glas Behienn Mhor Glen Etive 196 960 Hill with Sybille
233 Sgur MhicChoinaich Skye 217 948 30/04/2011 6.5 hrs Guide family NM, CZ, RDM guided by Paddy, as I had told god that I wont go up the Cuillins again without a guide when I was last on Sgurr Alistair; kids saw a real adder on the way down. The day before was the royal wedding of Wil and Kate which we celebrated in style; then we stayed for a night in Plockton which was very nice, to celebrate Michael coming back from Norway. Had to head back early, as M wanted to go to a party. Mount Adder
234 Nan Grugeichean Kinlochleven 74 1056 06/05/2011 5 hrs L leader NM, CZ started at Marmore Lodge; very rocky rise up on the top with most dreadful weather on the peak, so that we left immediately. But then further down the weather cheered up, almost suncream needed. Nick almost fell asleep on the way back. Mountain of the cold wind and warm sun
235 Sghurr Dubh Mor Skye 228 944 05/06/2011 11.5 hrs L leader NM, CZ we took a day off for Nick’s birthday and camped at Glenbrittle; 6 hrs to the first and 2 to the second, and 4 hrs back. Nice and sunny to start with, the Loch was just magic; but then rain on the way back. Next day on Nick’s birthday we had the presents in the car and decided to have breakfast en route in the Kintail Lodge Hotel, rather then in the rain in the tent. Lots of Germans on the campsite. Magic Loch View Hill
236 Sgurr nan Eag 265 924 Hill with the two helmet English men
237 Binnein Mor Glen Nevis 27 1130 09/07/2011 9.5 hrs L leader NM, CZ nice and sunny day with short rainy shots; woofer Cyril from France arrived back home at 10.45 pm. Fastmanhill
238 Binnein Beag 230 943 Triedthisbeforemountain
239 An Socach Glen Affric 268 921 16/07/2011 9 hrs L leader Walkachat: NM, CZ, Rocca, Robert, Simon cycled in till Strawberry Cottage on the day before, took us 2.5 hrs to get to the hostel; Robert was already there and we cooked risotto. Next morning start at 8.30; good march up first hill with good visibility which got worth throughout the day. But at least the temperatures were warm and therefore we were not cold. After An Socach we went down into the bealach, where the lakes are and then did the 2nd mountain. Nicely drenched in the evening we arrived in the cottage, where Robert had a bottle of shisky to share with;; next morning again almost 3 hours back to the car by foot and bike. On the way back we went through Beauly. saw-a -single-woman hill
240 Mullach na Dheiragain 167 982 Secret Milkahill
241 Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan 22 1151 Mountain of the Speedy Company in the mist
242 Sgurr Eilde Mhor Kinlochleven 30/07/2011 6 hrs L leader NM, CZ We had an easy sunny day. Parked at Marmor lodge and then slowly up to the loch. From there a short and steep climb up. We took a different route round the loch down again. On the way back we had a soup in Onich in bliss sunshine. At home went to Ryan’s 21st birthday party in Rothiemay; Rachel was there with Connor. Sushine hill with Lochview
243 Beinn Eibhinn Loch Ossian 48 1102 21/08/2011 10.5 L leader NM, CZ stayed in Loch Ossian YH which we reached by train from Tulloch with Rocca and her mum Gillian. The second night we had a bunch of Londoners there on a stag night who came with the overnight train, which must be marvellous. We had dinner in Courour station, lovly restaurant. The walk was long and quite misty, but on the second munro the sun came out and made up for all the lack of visibility before. We took the bikes back to Tulloch, ca 20k or more, which was great fun as mainly downwards. bike-round-Loch 1 delightful hill
244 Aonach Beag Loch Ossian 37 1116 21/08/2011 NM, CZ bike-round-loch 2 small ridge
245 Geal-Charn Loch Ossian 26 1132 21/08/2011 NM, CZ bike-round-loch 3 white hill
246 Sgurr Choinich Mhor Glen Nevis 52 1094 05/11/2011 8 L leader NM, CZ Lovely sunny day, we started very early in the morning from the Nevis YH where we stayed overnight. Left car park at ca 7 am when it was still a bit rainy, but this changed quickly and the rest was glorious sunshine. The treck to the start of the hill is long. Early-bird
247 Carn Dearg Ben Alder 98 1132 01/04/2012 7.5 L leader NM, CZ Day after Emily and Briian’s wedding. Cylced in from Dalwhinnie total 3 hours cycling, 4 hours walking, bit misty day, but took much shorter than we thought. Back on same day to Huntly. surprise to do one red hill
248 Beinn Bhuide Arrochar 21 948 07/04/2012 7 L leader NM,CZ Long drive from Huntly (3.5hrs); cycled up to the river and then walked up; fanntastic views and visibility al day; 4hrs up and 2hrs down. Very misty on top. Stayed night at Ross Sinclair and Christine. Easter mist
249 Beinn Sgulaird Glen Etive 237 937 27/04/2012 7 L NM, CZ, MM On the way to Mull weekend. Long ridge; ok weather. Occasional snow shower. In the evening we met up with Susi and KD and Deborah in Oban hostel on our way to Mull. Super long ridge Hat shaped hill
250 Beinn Mhor Mull 189 966 29/04/2012 5 L leader NM, CZ, DM Went for a weekend with Susi and KD and Michael, in lovely cottage. Beautiful day, did the tourist route. Family hill
251 Sgor na h-Ulaidh Glencoe 149 994 06/05/2012 7.5 L leader NM, CZ Sunny but cold day, stayed in nice B+B on Saturday night, ate lots of food, steak pie. Went up to ridge past cottage 4 up 2 down. Few snow flakes, coffee in Onich Hotel. Back home for roast chicken. meet the man from Oldmeldrum
252 Beinn Starav Glen Etive 63 1078 27/05/2012 8.5 L leader NM, CZ Had back ache in the beginning. One of the hottest days ever on the hills. At the end I went to the river to swim. Stayed in Corran Hostel, lots of midges in the morning. Watched end of Eurovision. Felt very slow. River Jump Peak of the treasure
253 A’Mhaidghdean Letterewe 187 967 04/06/2012 16 hrs L leader NM, CZ Drove to Poolewe and stayed in a B+B, had meal. started at 8 am. Biked to lake in the morning arrived at lake at 12. left at 12.3 and arrived at 8.45. Michael stayed there and collected fire and made food for the evening. Fantastic sunny day with amazing views. Michaels bike broke and he had to walk it back. Went to see NTS gardens. Looking forward to the tent The Maiden
254 Rhadh Stac Mor Letterewe 276 918 04/06/2012 including bike NM, CZ Long sunny way up past the loch Big red Stack
255 Beinn Dorain Bridge of Orchy 50 1076 17/06/2012 7 L leader NM, CZ Misty day, with lots of people. Stayed in caravan Glenncoe hostel. Ate steak and potatoes, nice but plasticy. Little rain. Had tea at the posh Bridge of Orchy Hotel. Had roast duck courtesy of Michael in Huntly. busy hill in the mist Hill of the Streamlet
256 Beinn an Dothaidh Bridge of Orchy 129 1004 17/06/2012 NM, CZ meet the single woman hill Hill of the Scorching
257 Beinn Fhionnlaid Glen Etive 198 959 14/07/2012 7 L leader NM, CZ on schedule for once. Easy walking up ridge, great views to Ben Nevis, stayed at Oyster Inn, lots of alpine flowers. lush flowery meadow stride Finlay’s hill
258 Sgor Gaibrhre Rannoch 208 955 29/09/2012 9 L NM, CZ, RMD This was for me the nicest walk ever. We met on the Friday night at the Tulloch Station hostel. A bit grubby, but made nice coq au vin and the children arrived around 10 pm from Glasgow in really good spirit. In the morning we took thetrain to Corrour, had a coffee there and then walked over to Sgor Gaibrhre along Loch Ossian at first. I kept on thinking about Joseph Beuys all day. It got very misty and on Carn Dearg we hardly saw anything. Down through the bogs, along lots of stags till we reached the path to Rannoch. here again a nice hotel with good dinner and fun company. next day Nick and I had to hang out till 3pm, when the train came with lots of Scottish musicians on board. Beuys wold have loved this I think. mist after coffee Peak of the Goat
259 Carn Dearg Rannoch 232 941 29/09/2012 NM, CZ, RMD bog down with stag heard Red Hill
260 Beinn Mhanach Bridge of Orchy 211 953 10/11/2012 7 L NM, CZ, John and Alice Bain We stayed the night before at Ballagulish, but met Alice and John in the morning at the car park. This was a nice stroll along the river, needing to cross a number of burns. When we started going up it got misty, and even snowy. But we all managed well and got back just before dark. The late autumn colours were just snowy hill half way up
261 Creag Mhor Glen Lochy 84 1047 18/05/2013 leader NM, CZ Stayed in Dundee the night before with Matthew and Louise, for the art school opening; extremely windy day; wanted to stop early, but Nick pushed on, but decided to only do one munro; stayed in Killin hotel with great food and good atmosphere Blown off the hill hill Big Rock
262 Mam Sodhail Glen Affric 14 1181 08/06/2013 14 L leader NM, CZ Camped the night before near a river below the car park. We made a fire to keep the midges away. Pasta and wine and all is fine. The first munro was a long slog. I think it took 7 hours or so, but we did a detour. The next one was relatively easy, we got to it in about an hour, then back skirted round the first one again to get to Glas Mhol where we found almost a hill fort of a cairn to take shelter in (which we did not need on this sunny day). From there straight down past loch Affric to the car park. Decided to get home rather then fighting the midges. Detour Berg Hill of the barns
263 Beinn Fhionnlaidh Glen Affric 128 1005 08/06/2013 NM, CZ Loch Mullardoch Vista File Hill
264 Glas Mhol Glen Affric 12 1183 08/06/2013 NM, CZ Ancient Hillfort look Finlay’s Hill
265 Beinn Tarsuinn Fisherfield 238 937 20/07/2013 13 L leader NM,CZ,F Musgrave This was a very long walk and a very hot one. We started from the Kinlochewe Hotel, where we stayed the night before with our bikes. Near the Heights of Kinlochewe we parked them and went of the gates up hill to reach Loch Fada; up up, we eventually got to the first munro. Water was the issue on this hot day. never been so hot before on any of the Scottish hills. On the way to the second hill I left some of my luggage in the bealach. Second peak, and third peak, by then really exhausted. But jelly babies helped out to get my spirits and energy back. Long slog over second hill again, but then almost jogged down back to Loch Fada where I swam in the warm clean water. This was the loveliest thing ever. so nice. Raced down by foot and then by bike to make it for the dinner at 9.30 at the hotel. wonderful day but well exhausted. Swiss family hill Transverse hill
266 Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair Fisherfield 115 1018 20/07/2013 NM,CZ,F Musgrave This was a very long walk and a very hot one. We started from the Kinlochewe Hotel, where we stayed the night before with our bikes. Near the Heights of Kinlochewe we parked them and went of the gates up hill to reach Loch Fada; up, up, we eventually got to the first munro. Water was the issue on this hot day. never been so hot before on any of the Scottish hills. On the way to the second hill I left some of my luggage in the bealach. Second peak, and third peak, by then really exhausted. But jelly babies helped out to get my spirits and energy back. Long slog over second hill again, but then almost jogged down back to Loch Fada where I swam in the warm clean water. This was the loveliest thing ever. so nice. Raced down by foot and then by bike to make it for the dinner at 9.30 at the hotel. wonderful day but well exhausted. Hot peak Summit of the corrie of Farquhar’s son
267 Sgurr Ban Fisherfield 157 989 20/07/2013 NM,CZ,F Musgrave Flatty rocky Mound white peak
268 Beinn More Crianlarrich 16 1174 19/04/2014 L leader NM, CZ, Cat, Fraser Easter weekend staying at Ben More lodge, a bit of a Scottish version of Bagdad Café. Long slog up, but not too tiring, met a couple form Lancaster with a dog. Golden Easter bunnies on top of the hill Quite muddy on the way down, so I slid about 4 times. Frazer much faster than us. A lot of snow on the top, so need to take a bit of care. Sugar loaf Big Hill
269 Stob Binnein Crianlarrich 18 1165 19/04/2014 L leader NM, CZ, Cat, Fraser Easer bunny hill probably conical peak
270 Beinn Heasgarich Glen Lyon 84 1078 20/04/2014 6 hrs L leader NM, CZ, Cat, Fraser A wonderful Easter Sunday; we took the highway or the electric way toward Glen Lyon, ignoring the sign posts of no access. So a quite high start, but the boogy terrain was not fast, and there was also a lot of snow fields. No problem with our poles, but Cat had to sledge down on her but a few ties. Sledgy Easter hill Sheltering Hill
271 Ben Challum Tynrdrum 106 1025 03/05/2014 6 L leader NM, CZ We first wanted to do Buchail Etive Mor, but there was a lot of snow and we had no crampons with us, so did that one on a lovely sunny day. We stayed the night at Corran Hostel, dinner at the pub across the ferry (which was very full); the hostel s very comfy and good vale, en suite double bed is £6. The hill starts at St Fillian priory, which is now redundant but St Fillian came from Ireland, as a missionary to Christianise the Picts and the Scots. the path is basically along a fence all the way. On the top we had snow which was quite pleasant. St Fillian missionary hill Calum’s Hill
272 Bidein a’Choire Sheasgaich Torridon 224 945 23/06/2014 14 L leader NM CZ Arrived at Gerry’s Hostel night after Kate and Junior’s wedding in Helmsdale; we wanted to camp, but the weather was poor. Gerry very eccentric, first he put on the classical music on a turntable, with candle night; the next night he did not even show up. started with bikes at 7.30 am mainly walked up the hills; mountains in cloud most of the day, lots of engineering work on the way for a hydroelectric scheme. the path was difficult to find after the bealach; but near the lochs we found it again. exposed steep climb up the first hill; very wheat galleys; all in cloud, very damp. left 2nd hill at 4pm and headed down through the valley, had nice views of Loch Monar. Lots of peat but faster, back at the hostel at 21.30 pm after fast trip down on the bikes. the Long walk through mist hill
273 Lurg Mhor Torridon 163 986 23/06/2014
274 Buchaille Etive 110 1021 05/07/2014 7.5 hours leader NM, CZ We stayed in a nice room in Ballachuilish after a horrible week of doing business plan and funding applications for Deveron Arts. Had a lovely meal there with mussels. Great sunny day, with quite a lot of hillwalkers. Steep up to the ridge, then left with great views over Rannoch moor then over the ridge, a total of 4 peaks to the last munro need to get back to the bealach and then down over a small snow field, where we later saw somebody falling down Great day.; despite weat forecast. Big heardsman of Etive
275 Buchaille Etive 207 956 05/07/2014 NM, CZ Lively Peak
276 Bidean nam Bian Glen Coe 23 1150 06/07/2014 8 hrs 45 min L leader CZ, Andrea Geile With Andrea Geile, stayed in the SHYA hostel at Crianlarrich, started at 8.30 am and finished at about 17.15 in the afternoon. Weather forecast was not good, with a lot of changing weather, but it was ok, most of the day. Steep start, then it rained half way up the gulley, as soon as we put the waterproofs on, it stopped again. later it hailed and there was also enough sun shine to make it a good day. first hill seems to be higher then the munros; talked about artists right all day, apart from all our different trips to the alps, etc. from the bealach there was quite a snow field left from the winter. On the way back we ended up in the boulders; this was quite exciting despite the midges, but prolonged the way a bit. At the car park, there were masses of tourists from Italy and elsewhere. Drove back o Edinburgh and stayed there for 2 days. 2 pairs of boobs hill.
277 Stob Choire Sgreamhach Glen Coe 65 1072 06/07/2014
278 Stob a’Choire Odhair Glen Etive 226 945 13/09/2014 5.5hrs Leader NM, CZ We stayed for a night at the Bridge of Orchy Hotel; Deborah and Ben stayed there too. Deborah was just back from Uganda and there was a lot to talk about. This was the sunniest of all days, we passed the Glasgow Uni hut and then had a great day up, up, over to the second hill and down past the burn. Soup in Inverarnan Hotel, lovely place, but some midges.
279 Stob ghabhar Glen Etive 55 1090 13/09/2014
280 Meall Dearg Aonach Eagach 212 953 11/10/20114 8.5 hrs cowalk NM, CZ, Ronnie Bowie This was a fantastic day with the most wonderful weather. We started off from Glencoe hostel, drove to the laybye on the main road and then walked up. A few other walkers en route. The scramble was great, an we passed the two hills faster than we thought. amazing sky that featured peaks peeping out of the clouds. peak out of the clouds hill peak of the goat
281 Sgorr nam Fiannaidh Aonach Eagach 188 967 11/10/20115 peak of the dun coloured corrie.

Ben Vane, seen from the east side of Loch Lomond
Ben Vane, seen from the east side of Loch Lomond

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