Is it silly to take a train to Scilly?

Taking the train from Huntly to Penzance and then boat to Isles of Scilly

In May 2019 I was invited to give a talk about our work at Deveron Projects at the Cultivator conference on the Isles of Scilly. It was a long dream to take the train all the way to Penzance. I have seen the train departing from Aberdeen for years and always wondered how it would be like to cross the UK from the very NorthEast to the very SoutWest. Here we go.

Huntly               dep 07:4620190507_135406-min

Aberdeen           dep 09:0420190507_080238-min

Stonehaven       dep 09:2020190507_135234-min

Montrose            dep 09:4520190507_085717-min

Arbroath              dep 09:5920190507_091324-min

Dundee                dep 10:2120190507_093139-min

Leuchars              dep 10:3320190507_094607-min

Haymarket          dep 11:3220190507_134947-min

Edinburgh           dep 12:0820190507_105412-min.jpg

Berwick-Tweed  dep 12:5020190507_115117-min

Newcastle           dep 13:4220190507_123841-min

Durham               dep 13:5420190507_134736-min

Darlington          dep 14:1220190507_130952-min

York                     dep 14:4420190507_134130-min

Leeds                    dep 15:1120190507_141418-min

Wakefield            dep 15:2320190507_143235-min

Sheffield              dep 15:5620190507_150035-min

Chesterfield       dep 16:0820190507_151255-min

Derby    dep 16:3020190507_153028-min

Tamworth Low Level      dep 16:49


Birmingham New Street               dep 17:1220190507_160531-min

Cheltenham Spa               dep 17:5220190507_165348-min

Bristol Parkway dep 18:3220190507_172500-min

Bristol Temple Meads    dep 18:4520190507_173523-min

Taunton               dep 19:1720190507_181621-min

Tiverton Parkway             dep 19:2920190507_182814-min

Exeter St. Davids              dep 19:4420190507_184148-min

Newton Abbot  dep 20:0420190507_190508-min

Totnes  dep 20:1720190507_191656-min.jpg

Plymouth            dep 20:5120190507_194243-min

Liskeard               dep 21:1420190507_201330-min

Bodmin Parkway              dep 21:2620190507_202320-min

Par         dep 21:3720190507_203332-min.jpg

St Austell             dep 21:4420190507_204004-min

Truro     dep 22:0020190507_205747-min

Redruth               dep 22:1120190507_211246-min

Camborne           dep 22:1820190507_212319-min

Hayle     dep 22:26


St Erth   dep 22:3020190507_213510-min

Penzance            arr 22:3820190507_214243-min

We stayed the night in Penzance. There was a football match on.

The next day me and Nick took a boat to Scilly. If you do it, don’t be silly and take a travel tablet. I did, and survived the rocky ordeal.

Once there, I decided to walk every single path and road. I had four days to do this. It was fun, supported by the endless beauty of these islands and the endless patience of Nick. It felt like not being in Britain. More like how I imagine the Azores, or Madeira66912348_344976879748004_4020542426501349376_n-min66741282_360079944670500_1829256249590415360_n-min67178800_960965380961961_6796738479804907520_n-min

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