Calabash Hunt

Today I sourced 184 calabashes for Gemuce our Mozambiquan artist back home in Huntly: 30 big ones, 24 middle-sized ones, 50 little ones and 80 tiny ones. Now we are figuring out the shipment. It was quite an undertaking, as nobody normally orders so many and normally orders calabashes that are not halved or decorated. The whole undertaking left a big cloud of mystery over the Bamako Biennial. The place they were gathered was some backyard compound somewhere here in the city of Bamako; the yard was sprouting with children who thought we were just hilarious.

Today we also visited the studio of Abdoulaye  Konate a textile artist who makes very powerful large scale tapisserie works drawing on refugee and migration issues. It  emerged he showed his work last year together with Dalziel + Scullion at the artismundis.

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